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All the stories I’ve written on Medium in one place, categorized for easy access…

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Picture this: you read an article on Medium, you like it, clap it, and decide to follow its author. You visit their profile and start scrolling for more interesting stories. The most recent ones come up first, but there’s always the possibility of a hidden gem lying further back down. Unfortunately, chances are you’ll get tired soon and quit searching. Does this sound familiar?

It’s true that browsing one’s profile on Medium can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. To tackle this problem I decided to gather all my pieces in one place for the readers to explore.

Below follows the complete list of my articles and stories on the platform, categorized for easy access. The list is constantly updated whenever a new story is published.

Enjoy your browsing!

(Most Recent Stories On Top)

(Most Recent Stories On Top)

(Most Recent Stories On Top)

Journalist| Science & Ocean Liner aficionado| Amateur Paleo-illustrator|

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