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My goal on Medium has always been to write educative articles that could provide value to the reader.

I enjoy writing about topics I find fascinating, mainly paleontology and ocean liners. Since the topics and themes of my stories are pretty specific, I had a hard time finding fitting publications for them. Therefore, I decided to create new ones from scratch.

I am currently an editor of Tales of Prehistory and Maiden Voyage publications. Below follows a brief introduction of them covering their themes, approach, and target audience.

Tales of Prehistory Publication

Stories featured in Tales of Prehistory Publication

Tales of Prehistory is Medium’s only publication focused exclusively on paleontology, anthropology, and evolution. Ever wondered how the Earth looked 150 million years ago? Did Tyrannosaurus roar triumphantly after taking down a prey? Is the planet marching towards a sixth mass extinction? These are the kind of questions my stories try to answer.

This publication is for everyone who realizes that one cannot fully comprehend today’s complexity of life without a basic understanding of our planet’s past. While most stories focus on the Mesozoic Era, other geological ages are also featured. Stories about the history of paleontology as well as current discoveries in the field are covered too.

You can visit the Tales of Prehistory homepage by clicking here.

Maiden Voyage Publication

Stories featured in Maiden Voyage Publication

Maiden Voyage focus on the history of early 20th-century ocean liners. Relive the age when passenger liners, the biggest man-moving objects of the time, steamed confidently across the oceans uniting the world. Experience the luxury and grandeur of these floating palaces and embark on a journey of adventure, national competition, and occasional tragedy.

The sinking of the Titanic is undoubtedly one of the most renowned disasters of the past century and a recurring theme in Maiden Voyage Publication. Many articles focus on White Star’s ill-fated liner, covering the background of her conception, the life of prominent people who were involved with her, as well as the story of her sister ships, the Olympic and the Britannic. Famous myths concerning the tragedy of the sinking will also be debunked.

The focus on the Titanic won’t be at the expense of other, equally historic liners. Ships such as Lusitania, Mauretania, Olympic, Aquitania, Britannic, Imperator, Vaterland, Queen Mary, Normandie, Queen Elizabeth, United States, etc, had also gripping stories waiting for you to discover them.

Wait no more, book your First Class ticket and visit Maiden Voyage’s homepage here.

To easily access all my stories included in the aforementioned publications as well as some I’ve published elsewhere click the article below:

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