But it was totally worth it in the end.

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Do you like scale modeling?

I know I do, but my first ever attempt to build something ended in disaster. After 18 years of resentment, I tried again. It was during this second attempt that I discovered some important things about myself.

How It All Began

The year is 1998. James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ had premiered in theaters a few months back, smashing one box office record after another. The Titanic-mania was in full swing and I just couldn’t escape the lure.

Sensing the hype, my parents decided to take action. One day, they came back from the local toy store with two bags: one…

Journalist| Science & Ocean Liner Aficionado|

Hey folks!

Below follows a brief introduction of myself. I’d like to keep it short, so I’d better start right away.

My name is Panos Grigorakakis and I’m a journalist with experience in news writing, social media management, and content creation. I was born and raised in Athens. If you haven’t been already, I strongly suggest you visit sometime — the city is pretty underrated, trust me!

I can communicate myself in English, Spanish, and -to a less extend- in German and Chinese. Learning foreign languages is my thing! …

An introduction of my publications featured on Medium…

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My goal on Medium has always been to write educative articles that could provide value to the reader.

I enjoy writing about topics I find fascinating, mainly paleontology and ocean liners. Since the topics and themes of my stories are pretty specific, I had a hard time finding fitting publications for them. Therefore, I decided to create new ones from scratch.

I am currently an editor of Tales of Prehistory and Maiden Voyage publications. Below follows a brief introduction of them covering their themes, approach, and target audience.

Tales of Prehistory Publication

Explore stories that have been chosen for further distribution…

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Curation on Medium practically means that a story has been distributed through one or more topics on the platform.

A curated story can be included in Medium’s daily digest email, or it can be featured more frequently both in the app and the website to readers interested in the specific topic(s). Thus it makes sense for writers to strive for curation since their stories can get higher exposure.

This doesn’t mean that non-curated stories are necessarily of lower quality. The articles are reviewed by people and in the end, the decision…

All the stories I’ve written on Medium in one place, categorized for easy access…

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Picture this: you read an article on Medium, you like it, clap it, and decide to follow its author. You visit their profile and start scrolling for more interesting stories. The most recent ones come up first, but there’s always the possibility of a hidden gem lying further back down. Unfortunately, chances are you’ll get tired soon and quit searching. Does this sound familiar?

It’s true that browsing one’s profile on Medium can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. …

A selection of fearsome, yet underrated theropod dinosaurs…

Mapusaurus skulls / Kabacchi/ Wikimedia Commons

Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous dinosaur, a prehistoric icon, and a popular culture monster that frequently attracts media attention. There are plenty of reasons why T.rex immediately captures our imagination: its gigantic size, its fearsome jaws, and its huge teeth are only a few of them.

Yet, through the course of hundreds of millions of years, evolution produced some equally terrifying carnivorous dinosaurs that terrorized their respective ecosystems with similar might. These creatures, albeit fearsome, get frequently overlooked in popular culture in favor of the ‘tyrant lizard king’.

In the paragraphs below, you will be introduced to some of…

Explore exciting stories from March…

Cast of a Stegosaurus stenops skeleton (AMNH 650) in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt / EvaK / Wikimedia Commons

Dear followers,

To help you keep track of the latest stories published in Tales of Prehistory, we’ve decided to set a monthly review. In March we added three new stories to the publication.

We’ve also included a special featured story at the end of this article. Featured stories are articles published long ago that once again become available for those who may have accidentally missed them.

Enjoy your reading!

March Stories

1. Hollywood Lied to You: This Is How the Real Jurassic World Would Have Looked Like

#3 Bizarre sharks with manta ray-like wings cruised the prehistoric oceans.…

Titanosaur fossil excavation / UNED Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia / Wikimedia Commons

Several fascinating paleontological discoveries are taking place each month. Scientists working in the field publish numerous studies, describe new prehistoric species, and propose exciting theories about the biology and behavior of many extinct animals.

In this article, we will do a quick recap of the most important paleontological discoveries and updates from March 2021.

Before we do, be sure to check the most memorable ones from February below:

Ready? Let’s go!

The oldest titanosaur ever discovered?

Paleontologists working in the Neuquen Province of Argentina announced the description of a new dinosaur genus that may have been the oldest-known member of the sauropod group known as…

They were the largest vessels in the world for nearly a quarter of a century.…

German ocean liner SS Vaterland/ National Museum of the U.S. Navy / Wikimedia Commons

The Titanic is perhaps the most famous ocean liner of all time, and people mistakenly believe her to be the largest vessel from the pre-war era. In fact, just a month after her tragic sinking, Germans launched at the Vulcan Shipyards in Hamburg an even larger liner, the SS Imperator.

Imperator was the first of a new class of ships envisioned by Albert Ballin, the chairman of the Hamburg America Line (HAPAG). At over 50,000 tons, and ranging from 906 ft (276m) to 955.8 ft (291.3m) …

Hold on to your butts…

The menacing jaws of the new Jurassic World dinosaur / Sam Whited / Wikimedia Commons

A never-before-seen terrifying carnivorous dinosaur will make an appearance in Jurassic World: Dominion, the upcoming sixth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise.

This exciting piece of information came from no other than Sam Neil, the actor who famously portrayed paleontologist Alan Grant in both the original Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.

While on the press tour for his upcoming movie Rams, Sam Neill was asked about his participation in the final film of the Jurassic World trilogy and revealed that a new big, bad dinosaur will make its debut in it.

In the interview, Neill says,

“I’ve just had…

Panos Grigorakakis

Journalist| Science & Ocean Liner aficionado| Amateur Paleo-illustrator|

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